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Quinta, 11 Julho 2013 23:05

APROVADO MAIS UM PASSO DA DIRECTIVA DOS PRODUTOS DO TABACO NUMA COMISSÃO DO PARLAMENTO EUROPEU – ler a propósito comentários das ONGs Europeias. Em Setembro/Outubro volta ao Parlamento…



Dear Friends,


Today was a victory for the work we all did together. It was amazing to be in the Parliament and to witness the fast decomposing faces of all the TI lobbyists who had also turned out to witness the vote.

All amendments were voted in (yes ALL!!! Well apart from the plain packaging amendments that we knew would fall). It truly was incredible to witness.

We would like to send a HUGE thank you to: (and apologies if we forgot to mention someone – We are overwhelmed but tired…)

  • The SFP partners for their amazing support, advice, encouragements and understanding. A Huge thank you to Susanne and also Marleen for their relentless and top lobbying as well as Jean and her team and of course, Archie and Deborah without whom we would not have a myth buster for everyone! – Also thank you to the Irish Cancer Society for their special support this year.
  • A huge thank you to ERS TCC (Professor Christina Gratziou) and the entire ERS leadership for their amazing support and organizing the petition calling for a stronger Tobacco Products Directive. ERS sent this petition (signed by almost 600 doctors, physicians and nurses) to all individual ENVI MEPs.
  • The German Smoke free Alliance (Cancer, lung, Heart…) and in particular Robert and Klaus. Our hats off (Bravos) to Martina for working so hard for the past years and responding to all SFP calls and sending amazing briefings and lobbying their governments and German MEPS
  • The French Alliance and CNCT for their relentless and professional communication with all the MEPS (Thank you Emma, Clemence, Yves Martinet and Yves Bur)
  • The UK Smoke free Action Alliance (and in particular Deborah as their spokesperson) for amazing insight in what was needed to convince the UK MEPS.
  • Professor Sculier on behalf of ERS and Luk Joossens on behalf of the Belgian cancer foundation winning over all the Belgian MEPS – It worked!
  • the Dutch Heart and cancer Foundations for contacting Dutch MEPS (Thank you Fleur and Marijke)– this had a big impact also
  • The Institute of Public Health of Ljubljana and Slovenian NGOs (in particular Tomaz and Helena) for sending messages to Slovenian MEPs – Fabulous job!
  • The Polish NGOs (Smoke Free Poland Partnership and MANKO) for doing everything all they could in a very hostile political environment – Keep at it, times will get better J
  • Tobaksfakta (Margaretha, Goran and Ewy and Sara) for being so brave and so strong in their advocacy efforts towards the Swedish government and MEPs
  • The Bulgarian Smoke Free Life Coalition (BG) (Hurray to Gergana!) for sending an effective letter with health evidence to BG MEPs.
  • Sofia Ravara and the Portuguese coalition and partners for mobilizing the health community in a coherent and coordinated manner-
  • SEPAR and CNPT, in particular Joan and Francisco for sending incredibly strong letter to Spanish MEPs despite difficult circumstances due to a huge lobbying of the TI in their country.
  • SITAB (Maria Sofia )translated the letter into Italian and sent to Italian MEPs
  • Aurelijus, Vaida and Liudvika for leading the file in Lithuania for so long
  • Mervi to her constant and fabulous support in Finland
  • Professor Sylvia Hartl for her letters to Austrian MEPS
  • Zoltan for working on Hungary on top of his EU EPHA focused work
  • The Irish Cancer and heart foundation for their constant support and incredibly professional help


And of course a huge thank you also to ECL (Luk, Emma and Wendy), CPME (Birgit and Sarada), EPHA (Monika, Dorianne, Leo, Zoltan and Bea) ECC (Catherine), ECDA, EFA (Susanna and Roberta) and ENSP (Francis and Cornel) for all speaking with one voice. We can all be proud of ourselves today…


Now we won a battle but we have not won the war yet……We will continue to need your support in September and till the end of the year…….We count on you to be there!


For more details of what happened today, see our press release




BRUSSELS, 10 JULY 2013 --- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE --- ENVI Committee adopts pictorial health warnings covering 75% of the front and the back of tobacco packets; adopts full ban on characterising flavours and restrictions on the use of flavourings and dangerous additives in tobacco; maintains the Commission’s proposal to ban slim cigarettes and slim and lipstick cigarette packs; adopts measures that strengthen the control of the supply chain and help prevent illicit tobacco trade; upholds the Member States’ right to adopt stronger national measures***


The Smoke Free Partnership (EFP) welcomes the resolve of the European Parliament’s Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) Committee’s in placing the public interest firmly above the narrow interests of the tobacco industry and its allies.


SFP Director Florence Berteletti said: “We applaud the measures adopted today. They will ensure that the package and the taste of tobacco products tell the truth about these deadly products.


Despite an aggressive, shameless campaign by hundreds of tobacco lobbyists who spread myths and misinformation for months, the ENVI Rapporteur Linda McAvan, the shadow rapporteurs and ultimately the large majority of the ENVI Committee decided to stand up to tobacco interests and put public health first. We urge all Members of the European Parliament to show the same resolve at the Plenary vote in September”.


Following months of negotiations and despite tobacco industry-friendly results in four out of the five opinion-giving Committees, members of the ENVI Committee upheld the need to protect public health by adopting key measures to help prevent disease and deaths caused by tobacco:


  • By adopting large mandatory pictorial warnings covering 75% of the front and the back of cigarette packs, roll-your-own and waterpipe tobacco, and by maintaining the ban on slim cigarettes and their attractive “lipstick packs”, MEPs reasserted that the primary goal of this key legislation is to protect children from getting hooked onto a deadly and addictive product. MEPs asserted that children should not be lured by shiny, colourful tobacco packets and pretty cigarettes.
  • By adopting a ban on characterising flavours and restrictions on additives, MEPs have confirmed that tobacco should taste like tobacco, and not like menthol, fruit, or various spices. The taste of tobacco will no longer deceive young people across Europe into entering a lifelong addiction.
  • By reinforcing the anti-illicit trade provisions of the draft Directive, MEPs recognised the importance of tracking and tracing measures to help control the legal supply chain and prevent smuggling, and of security features to help customs authorities better recognise and control the influx of counterfeit products into the EU.


The European Parliament Plenary is expected to vote on the report during its session between 9 and 12 September, opening the way for negotiations with the EU Council on a compromise. The Smoke Free Partnership calls on all parties to work towards a successful conclusion of the negotiations and to adopt the Directive before the end of the European Parliament’s current mandate in May 2014.



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